Writing advent devotionals

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Free Awana Advent Devotional

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Popular Advent devotional series returns to Passport Inc.’s devotional website

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Advent and Lent Devotionals

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8 Brilliant Advent Activities the Whole Family Will Love

6. How is the Advent Journal structured? Each week we journey through the beginning (the opening chapters) of one Gospel. So each day has a Scripture passage, a short reflection, a question to journal about, an easy activity idea, and a closing prayer.

To help get our club members “online” with Advent, I went to the USCCB website, selected a Mass reading for each day of Advent, and then penned a mini devotion and journaling prompt that relates to it.

“I have seen a lot of Advent devotionals, but Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is first in the class. Combining substantive theological truth, creative ideas, and personal warmth, Asheritah Ciuciu invites her readers to join her in celebrating the Advent season by focusing their minds and their hearts on Jesus.

LOUISVILLE – Following the Star, the devotional series for Advent and Christmas, returns today, November 21, to Passport Inc.’s devotional website, d—devotionals days a year—just before the start of Advent.

This popular series—featuring scripture, prayer, and meditative thoughts. Free Advent Devotionals We’re already a few days into Advent, but it’s not too late for you to start intentionally using this time to prepare for our celebration of Christ’s coming.

Here are a few free options to get you started.

Writing advent devotionals
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