Van deemter equation

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Van Deemter equation

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Van Deemter equation

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Retardation factor

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The Van Deemter equation was the result of the first application of rate theory to. Also, the C term in the equation I've always known as representing mass transfer kinetics.

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van Deemter Equation

The Van Deemter equation is an empirical formula describing the relationship between plate height (H, the length needed for one theoretical plate) which is a measure of.

The CHROMacademy Essential Guide to HPLC Troubleshooting - Autosampler, Column & Detector Issues This Essential Guide presents practical troubleshooting and maintenance information associated with HPLC autosamplers, columns and detectors.

The van Deemter Equation. The van Deemter equation relates the HETP, the height equivalent to a theoretical plate, to physical properties of the mobile phase, stationary phase, and original equation, derived by can Deemter et all., is given by.

where v is the velocity of the mobile phase, A is a term related to Eddy difusion, B is the longitudinal diffusion coefficient, and C is the. In chromatography, the retardation factor (R) is the fraction of an analyte in the mobile phase of a chromatographic system.

In planar chromatography in particular, the retardation factor R f is defined as the ratio of the distance traveled by the center of a spot to the distance traveled by the solvent front.

Ideally, the values for R F are .

Van deemter equation
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van Deemter Equation