Phoenician trade

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The Phoenicians

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This picture, though comprehensive in a global. The city-states of Phoenicia flourished through maritime trade between c. BCE when the major cities were conquered by Alexander the Great and, after his death, the region became a battleground in the fight between his generals for succession and empire.

Phoenician trade was founded on the Tyrian Purple dye, a violet-purple dye phoenician from the shell of the Murex sea-snail, once profusely available in coastal waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea but exploited to local extinction. Trade ships (for more information about Phoenician trade and warships click this link) Trade ships sailed almost axclusively between the months of March and October, that is in favourable weather conditions.

What Did the Phoenicians Trade? Early in their history, the Phoenicians' advanced shipbuilding technology enabled them to trade glass, wood and Tyrian purple with the Greeks.

As their power and influence in the region grew, they traded products such as spices, textiles, wine, hunting dogs and.

4f. Phoenicians: Sailing Away

The Phoenician alphabet, called by convention the Proto-Canaanite alphabet for inscriptions older than around BC, is the oldest verified alphabet. The Phoenician alphabet is an abjad consisting of 22 letters, all consonants, with matres lectionis used for some vowels in certain late varieties.

Phoenician trade
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Phoenician Sea and Land Voyages and Routes, Hanno and Necho