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The strategy of conflict

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Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it

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A brief history of the Kashmir conflict

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However, it seems like both India and Pakistan are more interested in pulling the other nation down. According to the India’s official position, Kashmir is an “integral part” of India.

Pakistan’s official position is that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose final status must be determined by the people of Kashmir. Secrets of the Kashmir Valley: My journey through the conflict between India and Pakistan Kindle Edition.

Kashmir - The History UN Resolutions. Kashmir, the oldest dispute at the UN Agenda. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. They fought two wars over it and are now nuclear armed - why India and Pakistan dispute Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir News: The Express Tribune provides the most comprehensive coverage news, Latest and Breaking News updates on Jammu and Kashmir.

Kargil War Kashmir conflict india pakistan
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