Ecological factors in public administration

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How Ecology has Become a Factor of Public Administration?

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How Ecology has Become a Factor of Public Administration?

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Factors against Effective Public Administration in Nigeria

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I believe that if the audience is conducive, the effectiveness and efficiency of the ending can be maximized. Unit 3 Ecology of Public Administration. MODULE 2 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND POLITICS. Environmental Factors that Influence Public. Administration in Nigeria.

Impact of Environmental Factors on Public Administration: Nigerian Experience. Oct 21,  · John M.

Factors against Effective Public Administration in Nigeria

Gaus called these factors the ecology of public administration. The adequate knowledge about ecology, according to him, is essential in the study of public administration.

A much wider discipline than Economics, Ecology deals with the interrelationships existing between and among living organisms and their environment. According to Gaus, the plans, programs, policies, and design of public administration is influenced by factors concerning the physical environment or ecology, and that any structure and living thing existing in a given area has an interrelationship with the surrounding environment.

Public administration is the interdisciplinary study of implementing law and public policy. As a career, it is the role of the bureaucracy particularly civil servants to carryout public administration.

With such concepts, the ecological aspect of administration reflects a crucial role in understanding and directing the forceful change in public administration.

A more sensitive and conscious approach to ecological factors allow the public administrators to provide a more appropriate response to challenges within and beyond their organization. The public administration begins to study the relationship between society and nature and this is the subject of public administration and ecology.

Because of the clear influence of environment upon society and mode of living of the people public administration and ecology have come to be related.

Ecological factors in public administration
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How Ecology has Become a Factor of Public Administration?