Demand management

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ITIL Demand Management

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Lessons in Demand Management

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Demand Management

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ServiceNow Demand Management centralizes strategic business and IT requests, streamlining the investment decision process for new products and services. Demand management is a unified method of controlling and tracking business unit requirements and internal purchasing operations.

demand management

It helps organizations remain engaged in their supplier relationships and related advantages. ServiceNow® Demand Management centralizes strategic business and IT requests, streamlining the investment decision process for new products, services, repairs, and enhancements.

From a single dashboard, you get visibility into project health, cost, and portfolio performance, along with the ability to centralize, collect, and prioritize all demand. Demand management bridges the gap between service design, capacity management, and business relationship management to ensure that the predictions are accurate.

Demand management is a process within ITIL that is more supportive of other processes than a self-contained process. Demand Solutions is a demand management software that improves customer service levels by optimizing inventory management.

Demand management
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