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Adam McKay, Emory Cohen Board Corruption Drama ‘Crook County’

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Creators of popular Chinese anti-corruption TV drama sued for copyright infringement

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In the drama Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the main character, Macbeth, becomes corrupt through power that he gains. The literature on corruption within law enforcement typically addresses factors such as brutality, dishonesty, accepting bribes, and using falsified evidence.

This research project examines noble cause corruption (NCC), an area that scholarship has ignored until the last ten years. NCC is defined by Crank and Caldero () as using illegal means to achieve good ends.

“Narcos” director José Padilha is set to direct a new Netflix original series based on the recent Brazilian corruption investigation, Operation Car Wash. A Deconstruction of Dexter: An Analysis of Noble Cause Corruption Within a Crime Drama By Alyssa Nichole Lawrence Bachelor of Science Morehead State University.

Of course it is propaganda. The show sends a clear message to the Chinese people that the government is serious about cracking down corruption and good officials are those who put the interest of. Shugabanchi, a episode on-location recorded radio drama series is exploring the art of subliminal messaging to simultaneously entertain the public and in the course of doing so, educate them on the dangers of corruption.

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