Conscious vs unconscious

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Four stages of competence

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A physician discusses conscious and unconscious problem solving methods. Numerous cognitive neuroscientists have conducted studies that have revealed that only 5% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behaviour) is conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner.

pp. The power of the unconscious mind was asserted by Freud () nearly years ago, and since that time it has become abundantly clear that unconscious or automatic processes play an important role in most of human thought and behavior (e.g., Bargh, ).

Neuroscience of free will

There are states, levels or qualities of consciousness that can be developed within us. What is more, the implication is that this development is the purpose of both. Plants Vs. Zombies is an excellent game, which is relaxing for people to play. This game is appropriate for both youngsters and the middle aged to paly.

Conscious vs unconscious
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