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5 Questions with Bojana Novakovic

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Fringe Q&As: The Blind Date Project on handsome gingers and being surprised by Margot Robbie

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The Blind Date Project ; Created by Bojana Novakovic Devised with Mark Winter, Tanya Goldberg and Thomas Henning Directed by Scott Rodgers That date is a different performer every night. The catch? The actress, AFI award winner Bojana Novakovic, has no idea who she is about to meet.

· Bojana Novakovic is doing just that sort of. In 'The Blind Date Project' she will team up with a different actor each night and go through the rigours of a blind Some may remember her superb comic timing in the hilarious Blind Date Project in the Sydney Theatre Festival.

The show was brought to New York and performed in the annual COIL Performance inwhilst others may remember her from the American version of the Australian hit TV show Rake alongside Greg Kinnear and Miranda Otto. Bojana Novakovic (Serbian: Бојана Новаковић, Bojana Novaković; born 12 July ) is a Serbian-Australian actress.

She is known for her roles in films such as Devil () and The Little Death ()  · My one abiding niggle is a hankering to go and see The Blind Date Project again (and perhaps again), to see what other guest stars bring to the party – which is much more a compliment than it is a complaint,  · Bojana Novakovic talks about The Blind Date Project.

1 Tell us about your Fringe show Set in a Karaoke Bar, The Blind Date Project is an improvised meeting between two complete strangers (played

Blind date project bojana novakovic
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The Blind Date Project - Did He Like It?